Ancient Egyptian scarab beetles (c. 3100–525 BC)

Ancient Egyptian scarab beetles (c. 3100–525 BC)
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Eg 128, 138, 148, 105, 139
Treasury, Winchester College
Browne was fascinated by hieroglyphics and described them in Pseudodoxia Epidemica: ‘[the Egyptians] invented a language of things and spake unto each other by common notions in Nature’. This interest reflected his study of antiquities, language, and history—all subjects covered by the curriculum at Winchester—and his engagement with the research of the Royal Society.

Image 1 (Eg 128): Ramesside to 3rd Intermediate Period 
Image 2 (Eg 138): Ramesside to 26th Dynasty
Image 3 (Eg 148): Late Period
Image 4 (Eg 105): 20th-21st Dynasty
Image 5 (Eg 139): First Intermediate Period