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Cabinet is an online platform for teaching about material culture.

At Cabinet’s core is a growing selection of high-resolution, full colour 2D images and 3D models of objects, ranging from coins and gems a few centimetres across to entire monuments. While Cabinet virtually opens the stacks and vitrines of the University of Oxford’s extraordinary GLAM collections, it is also IIIF compliant, allowing easy integration of millions of images from cultural institutions worldwide. 

Our platform supports the study of these collections with tools for digital object ‘handling’, annotation, and discussion. Designed to work seamlessly across computers and mobile devices, Cabinet offers a rich, interactive learning environment that encourages new connections to be made and new insights to be shared by students and scholars.


our team


kathryn eccles howard hotson ted koterwas
Prof Kathryn Eccles

Associate Professor
and Senior Research Fellow,
Oxford Internet Institute

Prof Howard Hotson

Professor of Early Modern Intellectual History, Faculty of History,
University of Oxford

Ted Koterwas

Web and Mobile Apps Team Lead,
IT Services,
University of Oxford


past team members: Dr Silke Ackermann, Jamie CameronDr Sarah GriffinDr Giovanna Vitelli, Dr Erin Young

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