The Star-Spangled Banner

The Star-Spangled Banner
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MSS Amer. s. 33 / 50
Philip & Rosamund Davies US Elections Campaigns Archive
Aspiring Republican candidate Richard M. Nixon chose the relatively unknown Governor of Maryland, Spiro T. Agnew, as his running mate in the 1968 presidential election. This simple pin badge was designed to be worn on a lapel, and its shape is quite ubiquitous. American flags also populate the Moon, for each Apollo mission that landed on the Moon planted one there. As of 2012, photographs taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter indicate that three are still standing, despite the harsh lunar conditions.

Brooch, Richard M. Nixon (Republican), 1968. Philip & Rosamund Davies US Elections Campaigns Archive. MSS Amer. s. 33 / 50. Vere Harmsworth Library (Rothermere American Institute), Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford.