Drawing of flax being prepared

Drawing of flax being prepared
Accession number: 
Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford

Drawing in ink by Arthur Evans of a person heckling (or ‘combing’) flax, using a heckling comb to remove the fibrous core and impurities from flax, a step required in preparation for the fibres to be spun.

Artist: Arthur John Evans
Date of drawing: August 1875
Continent: Europe
Geographical area: Southern Europe
Country: Croatia
Region/Place: near Karlovac
Cultural group: European Croat
Format: Drawing
Size: 112 x 112 mm
Acquisition: Joan Evans. Donated August 1941


Primary documentation: ‘[p.588] Dr. JOAN EVANS, from the property of the late SIR ARTHUR EVANS, Youlbury, Boars Hill, Oxford. [List of items follows]’; ‘[p.590] 21 Original pencil sketches, types & scenery. BALKANS’: Pitt Rivers Museum accession records (Donations X, 1937–1941), pp.588, 590. Annotations on drawing: ‘Combing flax near Karlstadt’ (written in black ink below drawing).

Research notes: Note that Karlstad is the German name for Karlovac, Croatia.