Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum Cover

Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum Cover



TCB is comprised of:
1. Prolegomena to All Ingenious Elaborate Students, In the Most Divine Mysteries of Hermetique Learning, by Elias Ashmole
2. The Ordinall of Alchemy by Thomas Norton of Bristol
3. The Compound of Alchymie, by Sir George Ripley
4. Liber Pater Sapientiae (The Book of the Father of Wisdom), anonymous
5. Hermes Bird, anonymous
6. The Chanon's Yeoman's Tale, by Geoffrey Chaucer
7. Dastin's Dream, by John Dastin
8. Pearce the Black Monke upon the Elixir, with additions later in the work.
9. The Worke of Richard Carpenter
10.The Hunting of the Greene Lyon
11. Breviary of Naturall Philosophy, by Thomas Charnock, with Aenigma
12. William Bloomefield, Bloomefield's Blossoms or The Campe of Philosophy
13. Sir Edward Kelley's Worke
14. Sir Edward Kelley Concerning the Philosophers' Stone, to G.S. Gent 
15. Testamentum Johannis Dee Philosophis Summi
16. Thomas Robinson, De lapide philosophorum
17. Experience and Philosophy (anonymous)
18. The Magistery, by W.B. (William Backhouse)
19. Anonymi, or Several Workes of Unknown Authors
20. John Gower, Concerning the Philosophers' Stone
21. The Vision of Sir George Ripley and Verses Belonging to Ripley's Scroll
22. The Mistery of Alchymists, by Sir George Ripley
23. The Preface to Sir George Ripley's Medulla
24. A Short Worke by Sir George Ripley
25. John Lydgate, on his Translation of the Secreta secretorum
26. The Hermit's Tale
27. A Discription of the Stone
28. Aenigma Philosophicum, by W. Bedman.
29. Fragments Copied from Thomas Charnock
30. Annotations and Discourses upon Some Part of the Preceding Worke, by Elias Ashmole


The 1652 version of the Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum can be read on the internet at

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(Credit: Georgiana Hedesan, June 2018)