Silver and gold phiale from the Lydian Treasure

Silver and gold phiale from the Lydian Treasure

Accession Number: 1.29.96
Collection: Uşak, Archaeological Museum

This elaborate silver and gold phiale was discovered in the Ikiztepe Tumulus (I. Özgen & J. Öztürk, Heritage Recovered: The Lydian Treasure (1996), p. 87 no.33). The appliqué technique is particularly well executed and might be compared with e.g. the silver bowl with gold appliqués in the British Museum. The figure represented in the gold appliqués is either the Persian king or a generic "royal hero" (see the artefact page on the Sardis exhibition website for more). Note also the double animal protome on which the figure stands, a highly characteristic Achaemenid motif, found e.g. on column capitals at Persepolis. 

Shallow phialai are a characteristic Achaemenid type of drinking-vessel; see E. Dusinberre, Empire, Authority and Autonomy in Achaemenid Anatolia (2013), 128-40.