A view from Tibet

A view from Tibet
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The success of the Apollo XI Moon landing was reported all over the world and not only by the major news outlets. Tibetan Freedom was a news sheet printed by refugees who fled to India in the wake of the 1959 Tibetan uprising. This issue features a lower left cover story on the imminent launch. The logo is reminiscent of NASA’s, but it had actually long been in use by the news sheet.

Tibetan Freedom (India, 17 July 1969) 


Press Interview with Three American Astronauts on TV

According to an evening broadcast report in Tibetan on Delhi National Radio on 14 July, the three pilots of the American spacecraft Apollo XI expressed their confidence in the success of the mission to land on the surface of the Moon.

Before the launch on 16 July the three pilots held a press conference.

The astronauts were interviewed for TV from a precautionary distance of about fifteen metres to prevent them from contracting any infectious diseases.

The mission commander Neil Armstrong is reported to have said 'during the rigorous training sessions for the mission neither my two colleagues nor I encountered any serious problems'.