Indian Institute, Broad Street

Indian Institute, Broad Street

The Indian Institute was first proposed by Oxford’s Boden Professor of Sanskrit (Monier Monier-Williams) in 1875.  According to its founding documents, the main object of the Institute "will be to give effective and trustworthy teaching in all subjects that relate to India and its inhabitants, to promote and encourage Indian research and to concentrate and disseminate correct ideas of Indian matters by united effort and action as well as to draw together the selected candidates for the Civil Service, who are mostly resident at Oxford, and the native students from India."

The laying of the Institute’s foundation stone, in 1883, was accompanied by a military parade which included the University Rifle Corps. The Prince of Wales was also in attendance. 
The decor of the building has an Orientalist design that combines the traditional limestone used in many Oxford buildings with references from Indian philosophy and culture.
The Indian Institute building has housed the University of Oxford’s History Faculty Library, and now houses the University of Oxford’s Oxford Martin School.

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