Haida Helmet (3D)

Haida Helmet (3D)
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Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford

Wooden helmet made by a master carver of the Haida people (Northwest coast of Canada) with relief carving of octopus, painted in red, black, blue, and white. The helmet is carved from a single piece of wood, likely alder or maple. It has a dome-shape and is painted red. The head of the octopus is carved on the top of the helmet. The face has mammalian features including a mouth with two rows of teeth, including sharp canines, and ears.  These were known as war helmets and may have been used in war dances. It was acquired (most likely purchased) by General Pitt-Rivers in the 1870s from an unknown source, and then displayed with the rest of his collection in London from 1878 [1884.68.51].

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