Daniel Sennert (1572-1637)

Daniel Sennert (1572-1637)

Name: Portrait of Daniel Sennert
Author: M. Merian
Date: 1628
Medium: Line Engraving
Location: n/a
Publisher: n/a
Credit: Wellcome Library
Photo by: n/a
Copyright: CC BY 4.0 (Attribution 4.0 International).
Permalink: https://wellcomecollection.org/works/dwvbk3tm
Description: Daniel Sennert was one of the representatives of a new generation of physician-philosophers who sought to reconcile Paracelsianism, alchemy and older philosophy, in his case, Aristotelianism. Sennert also championed corpuscularian views and is deemed to have strongly influenced Robert Boyle, though the latter did not always acknowledge this.