A box to 'kindle therein any fire or flame'?

A box to 'kindle therein any fire or flame'?
Accession number: 
Rec. g.22
Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

Engraver’s gallery by Peter Lawrence is a pyrotechnic jack-in-the-box, a miniature artist’s book which springs from a printed faux matchbox to reveal an accordion-fold of thirteen wood-engravings. Published in 2015, this recent donation might seem to challenge the Bodleian’s oath which requires that no reader will kindle ‘any fire or flame’ within the Library, but it also proves that boxes continue to be an important and integral part of the Library’s collections. 

Box: 38 x 54 x 18 mm

Box: 10 g

Donated by Nigel Hamway, 2017