Astronomical Clock, Rostock

Astronomical Clock, Rostock

The Rostock clock was built in 1472 by Hans Düringer, a clockmaker from Nuremberg who also made the Gdańsk astronomical clock just years previous (1464-70). Both present a type of astronomical clock new to the fifteenth century, most examples of which survive in the Hanseatic region. 

In addition to the plethora of astronomical and calendrical information displayed, it is also adorned with devotional sculptures that tell the story of Christian salvation history. On top of the clock, for example, are wooden carvings containing reclining depictions of Adam (left) and Eve (right), which were added to the clock in 1641-43. 

The video below shows the movement of the clock's automata at noon. While six of the Apostles stand in the arches beside the central platform, the other six only appear every twelve hours as they come before Christ. The first five each turn to him and receive his blessing before disappearing into the left door. The last Apostle, however, does not turn to Christ and is left outside as the door shuts in his face. This Apostle is Judas, who holds a moneybag representing the thirty pieces of silver for which he betrayed Christ (Matthew 26:15). 

Video by S. Griffin (29 August 2018)

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