VII. Arts End and Selden End

VII. Arts End and Selden End

Image 2: Detail of the entrance to Duke Humphrey's Library.

The entrance is flanked on either side by a pair of standing globes -- one terrestrial, the other celestial -- which would have been standard library furniture by this time.  

The portraits of college founders currently exhibited in Duke Humphrey's are lacking, as is the fine portrait bust of Bodley, carved from life in marble and presented in 1605 by the Chancellor, Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset, now fixed to the right of the great archway. Ironically, the bust of Charles I, on the opposite side, is depicted.

The wooden cabinets added at the end of the book-presses contained manuscripts and printed books too rare and precious to be left on open shelves.  

The gentleman with his stick, sword, and gallant posture makes a striking contrast to the robed academics.  A second gentleman accompanying a lady, and pointing out features of the collection with his walking stick.