IV. Aerial view of the Bodleian Library

IV. Aerial view of the Bodleian Library

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Wellcome Library, London; Iconographic Collections, Library reference no. ICV No. 1425.

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution only licence (CC BY 4.0)

Physical description: 1 print: line engraving

Title: ‘Die Bodleianische bibliothe. und auditoria L.L.A.A. zu Oxford.’ (The Bodleian Library and Auditoria of Letters and Arts in Oxford)

Legend: ‘1. Die Biblioth. 2. Auditorium theol. 3. Die andern Auditoria. 4. Wapen [i.e. Arms] der Univer. 5. Bodleus Wapen N.4’

Commentary.  This German engraving is a cruder copy of Loggan’s aerial perspective, similar in execution to the German engraving of the Schools Quadrangle.  Its origin is unknown.